The Crow (film) - T-Bird

T-Bird in the first film, played by David Patrick Kelly.

"You know Lake Erie actually caught on fire once from all the crap floatin' around in it. I wish I coulda seen that."

T-Bird was the leader of a gang of criminals who commit a string of arson on the Devil's Night before Halloween. His group is under command by crime lord Top Dollar. Little is known about T-Bird save for the fact that he along with his gang, celebrate Devil's Night religiously. Much of his crimes, the gang commits are under the guise of corrupt landlords, forcing tenants to leave their homes so they could later set them on fire during Devil's Night.

He didn't count on Shelly Webster protesting against their tenant relocation program so he and the gang beat and rape her in an attempt to intimidate her into moving out. Eric Draven walks into the house which in T-Bird's own words, "Turns a simple sweep and clear into a total cluster fuck", meaning that out of necessity, he had to kill them both. After Tin Tin throws a knife at Eric, he and with Skank restrain Eric whilst T-Bird and Funboy take turns shooting him in the chest. The gang then throws Eric out of his loft window killing him while leaving Shelly in agony. Exactly one year after their deaths, T-Bird and the gang are seen trashing and bombing an Arcade. At the same time Eric's uneasy soul reunites with his body, brining him back guided by the Crow in a quest for revenge.  T-Bird is later seen at the Pit with Funboy, Tin Tin and Skank playing a drinking game involving shots and bullets. With T-Bird specifically putting a cigar out on his tongue, to the shock of his firends. After a brief scuffle, involving them pulling their knives and guns on each other. They stop and chant "FIRE IT UP!!!" Only interuppted by Funboy's girlfriend Darla giving them more shots.  After Tin Tin's murder T-Bird and Skank report their destruction of the Arcade earlier to Grange, but couldn't see Top Dollar because of his sexual liason with Myca and another (Dead) woman. Later that night T-Bird catches wind of T-Bird's death and accompanies Grange when the latter reports the destruction of Gideon's pawn shop to Top Dollar. T-Bird jokingly denies his involvment in that specific explosion and laments about Tin Tin's murder. Describing it as his knives being stuck in all his major organs in alphebetical order. To which Top Dollar offers his condolences and assigns him a job related to Devil's Night.

Umbeknowst to T-Bird, Funboy was also murdered. While waiting for him, T-Bird sends the other survivor, Skank, to a convenience store for smokes and road beers. As he was waiting in his car, lighting a cigarette, Eric emerged from the back seat like a chairghost and put out his cigarette like an antismokingghost, ordering him to drive to the docks. Along the way, while being chased by the cops and Skank in a stolen car, T-Bird tries to negotiate with Eric. Initially offering him money and drugs.  He later realizes that Eric was the one that killed Tin Tin before and even offered him to join. It doesn't take long for T-Bird to realize that whatever Eric's beef with him was, it was personal and even offers to work it out with him. When Eric finally loses the Cops and Skank, he ties T-bird to his car using duct tape and bungee cords, telling him (offscreen) exactly what T-Bird did to piss him off. In a surprising turn of events compared to his other kills, T-Bird remembers everything and even describes as such what happened.  He dismisses it though as ancient history, demanding to know what Eric wants. When T-Bird gets a good look at Eric's face, he realizes who he is, but suffers a mental breakdown, disbelieving the notion that a man he killed came back, chanting "There ain't no coming back!!"  When Eric finished taping him up, rigs the car to move using the cords to rig his feet to the pedal, T-Bird recites a line he read from Shelly's copy of the Paridise Lost book: "Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is."  Eric then throws a grenade into the car, releases the emergency break and sends the car blowing up over the docks. Skank arrives just in time to witness T-bird's demise. T-Bird's body was later seen in police photoes, when Detective Torres interrogates Albrecht over his murder. He specifically states that the explosion fused T-Bird's body to the car, requiring them to I.D. him through his dental records.  It was that murder that proved to be the last straw for Torres, who believes (Correctly.) that Albrecht is covering up for a vigilante and suspends him for misconduct.  When Skank reports T-Bird's death to Top Dollar, he offers a toast in tribute to him.

In the Image Comics version of The Crow he  is the second to die before Funboy and after Tin-Tin he is buried in the ground with his head sticking out and Eric beheads him. Later on Eric references the decapitation by scowling at a jar of Bovril.

T-Bird was played by David Patrick Kelly in the first film and by John Tench in the TV series. His made his original appearance in the comic book by James O'Barr.