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Skull Cowboy
Gender Male
Hair None
Eyes None
Status Deceased
Relatives None
Quote Nice suit, eh kid?
Fate N/A
Actor Michael Berryman (1994 film scenes deleted)
Kadeem Hardison (TV series)

The Skull Cowboy is a spirit that serves as somewhat of a guide for the crow. He is a guide for all of the souls in the land of the living that find themselves in Limbo. He was set to be played by Michael Berryman in the 1994 film before his scenes were deleted, and he was portrayed by Kadeem Hardison in the 1998 television series.


The Skull Cowboy first appears in one of Eric’s memories. Eric recalls a time when he was on the train and he looked out of a window and saw a horse get caught in a barb wire fence. When he faces away, the Skull Cowboy is the one looking to collect Eric’s train ticket.

The Skull Cowboy appears for the second time when Eric has a vision of Shelly getting her head shot off with a pistol, and the Skull Cowboy appears by a window asking if Eric likes his suit.

The Skull Cowboy appears for the final time when Eric is faced with the spirit of the horse. When he shoots and kills it, the Skull Cowboy complements his shooting.

1994 Film

The Skull Cowboy first appears when Eric Draven is resurrected and climbs out of his grave. He tells Eric that he’s impressed that Eric is walking around even though he’s dead. He then reprimands Eric telling him that Eric let the thugs beat him and kill Shelly, ultimately blaming Eric for his and Shelly’s deaths. He then questions why he’s wasting his time with Eric.

The Skull Cowboy appears again standing in front of the church when Eric arrives there to save Sarah. The Skull Cowboy tells Eric that the problems of the living are not his concern. Eric tells him that it isn’t all that easy and tries to make his way into the church but he stops when The Skull Cowboy tells him that he once tried helping the world of the living and it didn’t work out for him. Eric dismisses him and says “That’s your story”. The Skull Cowboy then tells Eric that he would become mortal if he tries to save Sarah, and that he’ll be alone. Eric responds by telling the Skull Cowboy that he’s already alone. The Skull Cowboy then tells Eric to make his decision and be damned before disappearing.


  • It has been stated that the Skull cowboy concept was dropped from the film due to Brandon Lee’s death as they still needed to film pivotal scenes of dialogue between the Skull cowboy and Eric Draven.