Shelly Webster
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Status Deceased
Relatives Eric Draven- Fiancé
Quote I love you
Fate Raped and killed by T- Bird and his gang
Actor Sofia Shinas (1994 film)
Sabine Karsenti (TV series)

Shelly Webster was the fiancé of Eric Draven, the protagonist of The Crow comic book, the 1994 film, and the 1998 TV series. Shelly’s story is told through flashbacks. Shelly Webster was portrayed by Sofia Shinas in the 1994 film, and by Sabine Karsenti in the 1998 TV series.

Comic Edit

Shelly and Eric are in their apartment and Shelly Is putting a puzzle together. When Eric offered his help a song plays on the radio that Shelley really likes and after some prompting convinces Eric to dance with her. Eric comments that Shelly could’ve been a dancer and tells her that he’ll surprise her someday by learning to dance like Fred Astaire.

Sometime later, while painting the walls of the their apartment, Shelly asks when Eric is going to “...make an honest woman out of[her]”. After initially ignoring her question, Eric teases Shelly about how she always talks about marriage. Shelly jokingly threatens to cut Eric off from sex when he almost hits her with a paint roller. Eric takes out a ring and asks if it will get him back on her good side. Shelly happily hugs Eric but accidentally knocked him into the ladder he was standing on and knocks over the paint. Shelly puts on the ring, happy to be engaged.

Sometime after, before their wedding, Shelly was trying on her wedding dress when Eric came home. Sometime later the pair take a bath together and Shelly asks Eric if he could have anything in the world what would he want and Eric tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Shelly says what she would want is to make love to Eric all night under Christmas lights despite it only being August.

On Christmas Eve, Shelly puts up the Christmas tree by herself to surprise Eric. When Eric comes home he complements the tree and she says that she doesn’t have a star to put on top of it. Eric jokingly says that he could take one of her eyes. They share a kiss and Shelly inquires about what Eric got her for Christmas. Eric simply tells her that her present is white and has 18 windows and which leads Shelly to believe that they got the house they wanted. Eric doesn’t go into any further detail and he asks Shelly what she got him and she says that she’s planning on reading him her adaptation of Cat in the Hat.

At some point, Shelly and Eric are in bed and Eric just watches Shelly sleep.

One afternoon, Shelly is at home alone trying to fix a stool saying that she would get Eric to fix it when he comes home as he was good at fixing things. She turns towards the door and is startled to see Eric standing at the door just staring at her. She’s initially happy to see him but grows concerned when he just stares at her. Eric tells Shelly how much he loves her and Shelly tells Eric that she thinks about him every minute of the day and they share a kiss.

Shelly and Eric are both in the bathroom, Eric is standing in front of the mirror and Shelly is in the bathtub. Shelly asked Eric how they’re going to celebrate their engagement and Eric tells her that he planned for them to go dancing, have a picnic on the beach and watch the sunset. Shelly said she didn’t want to go dancing and Eric said that gives them time to kill, and he tries to get into the bathtub with her.

While celebrating their engagement, Shelly and Eric are both on the beach when the sun starts to set and Eric tells her that it’s time to leave. They’re on their way home when it starts to get darker and it starts to rain. Unfortunately their car breaks down in the middle of the road and Eric has to get out and fix it. There is a car that comes up the road with a rowdy group of people inside and Shelly gets worried and Eric tells her that it’s just a couple of kids.The group’s car passes Eric and Shelly’s car but then they put the car in reverse. Eric tells Shelly to lock the doors and roll up the windows. Shelly starts to get nervous when the group leaves their car and start surrounding her. Eric tried pushing one of the thugs off of the car and Shelly watched in horror as Eric was shot twice at the back of the head. The group then breaks into the car and take turns assaulting Shelly until finally killing her with a gunshot to the head.

After Eric is returns to the afterlife after seeking his revenge, Shelly is finally reunited with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Shelly’s character was inspired by James O’Barr’s fiancé who died after getting struck by a drunk driver
  • Shelly plays a much bigger role in the comic than she does in the movie
  • None of the flashbacks involving Shelly and Eric in the comic book happen in the movie
  • Cameron Diaz was considered for the role of Shelly and was actually offered the role but turned it down because she didn’t like the script
  • In the original film there was supposed to be scenes of Eric and Shelly painting and having a picnic on the beach both of which occur in the actual comic book. However, due to Brandon Lee’s death those scenes were never filmed and the scenes that were filmed were made into a montage
  • Many of the love scenes between Eric and Shelly were cut from the film and there have been three theories given as to why; The first is that there was a rumor going around saying that Eliza had a problem with the fact that Sofia Shinas was the last woman that Brandon was intimate with and requested that a lot of the scenes be removed. The second is that the director, Alex Proyas, didn’t like Sofia Shinas. The third is, out of respect for the love that Brandon and Eliza had, Alex Proyas decided to remove a lot of the love scenes that Brandon and Sofia filmed together.
  • In the television show, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Shelly was a photographer
  • Shelly was named after Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein

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