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Rebecca Foster
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Status Deceased
Relatives Ben Foster (father; deceased)
Hannah Foster (mother; deceased)
Quote Mommy I want you to push me
Fate Malnutrition
Actor Alisa Tortolano

Rebecca Gina Foster was the daughter of Hannah Foster. She first appears in Hannah’s flashback in the episode "Birds of a Feather" in The Crow: Stairway to Heaven.


Rebecca was born to Ben and Hannah Foster. While at the park, Rebecca wanted her mom to push her on the swing but Hannah was busy reading one of her books. Rebecca gets frustrated and knocks The book out of Hannah's hand and returns to the swing.

Suddenly Rebecca goes missing and she had been kidnapped. Hannah is also kidnapped when she tried looking for Rebecca. Rebecca, and Hannah are held hostage in an attic and left for dead and Rebecca most likely succumbed to thirst after four days.

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven

While Hannah watches children at a park, she has a vision of being reunited with Rebecca’s spirit