The Crow Wiki
Gender Male
Hair Black (graying)
Eyes Dark Brown
Status Deceased
Relatives None
Quote We misjudged you, for an Injun lovin’ heartless convict. You sure got a lot of life in you.
Fate Electrocuted
Actor Yuji Okumoto

Pestilence is a member of Luc Crash’s satanic cult from The Crow: Wicked Prayer. He gets killed when Jimmy Cuervo comes back from the dead seeking revenge. He is played by Yuji Okumoto.

The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Pestilence along with War, Famine, and Lola, sneak into  the prison that their leader, Luc Crash, is being held at. As Pestilence rides in his truck, he signals to War to put the plan in motion. While sitting in his truck, he’s approached by several workers who order him to get back work. In response, Pestilence knocks them out. When the group manages to free Luc, Pestilence, War and Famine meet him on the steps of a Church, and they watch as Luc threatens to light a man on fire but he doesn’t in the end.

Later that afternoon, Pestilence accompanies the group as they take Lilly and Jimmy hostage and put them in nooses. Pestilence watches as Lola gouges out Lilly’s eyes, and Luc stab out Jimmy’s heart. When instructed to, later that night Pestilence and Famine wrap the bodies in carpets and bring them to the dump. They put the bodies in a freezer and push the freezer in a pile of oil, and set it on fire.

Pestilence returns with the other to their hideout, and like everyone else, seems slightly dejected until Luc reminds them what they are fighting for. As they party the night away, Pestilence is sent by Luc to get more drinks from the bar, and he leaves.

As Pestilence is drinking at the bar, he plays around by pretending to shoot a bartender. As he drinks, a crow lands in front of him and he dismisses it as a hallucination until he sees Jimmy. When Jimmy demands to know Luc’s whereabouts, Pestilence doesn’t answer him, instead telling him how they missed judged him, saying that he thought that Jimmy was just a heartless convict but instead he has a lot of life in him. Jimmy however tells Pestilence that what’s inside of him isn’t life. Jimmy instigates a fight with Pestilence, and Pestilence tries to fight back but his attacks are ineffective. Jimmy throws Pestilence against an exposed light and electrocutes him. Although injured, Pestilence is still alive. Jimmy tells Pestilence that he’s afraid of what he’s become and the others should be too. Pestilence simply laughs at Jimmy and Jimmy throws him up against the light again electrocuting him and killing him.