The Crow Wiki
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Green
Status Unknown
Relatives None
Quote Seems to me it’s a question of fate believing in you.
Fate Eyes presumably gouged out by Kali
Actor Ian Dury

Noah is a character from the 1996 film, The Crow: City of Angels. He is Sarah’s boss at the tattoo parlor she works at, and he’s also her friend. Noah is portrayed by Ian Dury.

The Crow: City of Angels

While Sarah is tattooing another costumer, Noah checks out the tattoos of another patron, telling her he can’t tattoo her any further. Sometime later, after closing time, Noah, somewhat annoyed, complains that someone asked him to tattoo “If  you can read this you’re standing too close” on her butt. Sarah tells him it’s better than tattooing people in Detroit and Noah agrees. Noah gives Sarah a present; a candy skull with a note in it that reads “Life is just a dream on the way to death”. Sarah thanks him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Noah offers Sarah a drink, and she declines saying that she needs to go home saying she hasn’t been getting much sleep. Noah implies that Sarah has a boyfriend and Sarah denies this, saying that she has just been having weird dreams. Sarah eventually leaves.

Sometime later, Sarah returns to the tattoo parlor. Sarah asks him if he believes in fate, and he says the question is more about “fate believing in you”. Someone starts knocking on the door and Noah tells him to go away. Suddenly, Curve breaks down the door and punches Noah in the face. Noah starts yelling at Curve when he starts fighting Sarah, and Curve pulls a gun on Noah. Curve walks towards Noah, and asks if he’s going to be a hero while putting a gun to Noah’s head. Sarah knees Curve in the groin causing him to drop his gun and Sarah takes the gun and points it at Curve. Curve then takes the opportunity to leave. Noah then wonders aloud what drugs they are going to be taking next. Noah then gives Sarah a hug and tells her that everything will work itself out.

Eventually, Curve returns to the tattoo parlor with Kali. They tie Noah up, demanding to know Sarah’s whereabouts. When Noah refuses to tell them, Kali decides to give him one last chance to tell them. Noah still refuses to tell them where Sarah is and he lets out a scream as Kali presumably gouges his eyes out.