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Maudlin Treacle
Maudlin Treacle.png
Gender Male
Hair Brunette
Eyes brown
Status Deceased (Executed by the Unnamed Nazi Commander)
Relatives Maudlin's Wife (Deceased)
Maudlin's Daughter (Deceased)
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Maudlin Treacle is the protagonist of The Crow: Skinning the Wolves. Six Years Ago, Maudlin and his family were imprisoned and executed by the Nazi Forces. Six Years Later, Maudlin was resurrected by the Spirit of the Crow to take his revenge against his killer and his army of Nazi Soldiers.



Six Years Ago, a man named Maudlin Treacle and his family were captured by the Nazi Army as prisoners and slaves. He was then greeted by a Nazi Commander who instructed him to play a fair game of chess, then bartered with him for price of his life if he had win the game. Maudlin won the game for his life, but the Commander had a trick up his sleeves and brought in his wife and daughter into the mix of the murderous game.

Maudlin succeeded into beating the Commander and was promised to spare the lives of him and his family, or so he thought. The Commander then shot Maudlin's wife instantly killing her in the process.

File:Maudlin's Wife's Death.png

Maudlin's Wife's Execution

Maudlin tried to lunge at the Commander, but was grabbed hold by Nazi Soldiers and taken outside to be executed along with his daughter. His daughter then knew that she was going to die in her father's arms and said "She and I will be together now... In peace. It's alright. I'm ready."

File:Maudlin's Execution (With Daughter).png

Maudlin's Execution with his daughter

They then shot both of them, but Maudlin's daughter had died first with Maudlin himself still able to get a hold before the Nazi Commander shot him in the head, killing Maudlin in the process.

File:Maudlin's Execution.png

Maudlin's Execution


  • Assuming that he knew how to play chess and had beaten the Nazi Commander multiple times, it is most likely that his employment had to be somewhere along the caliber of his intelligence to be much superior than the Commander's intelligence. Preferably, maybe a teacher or a scientist before he was taken as a prisoner and executed.