The Crow Wiki
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Status Deceased
Relatives None
Quote Some people are just born victims.
Fate Slain by Ashe Corven by being thrown out a window.
Actor Thuy Trang

Kali is one of Judah Earl’s minions from the 1996 film, The Crow: City of Angels. Kali was directly responsible for the death of Ashe Corven’s son Danny. She is portrayed by Thuy Trang.


Kali and her group are all watching Curve kick a man to death. When Danny runs to see what’s going on the group spots him. When Ashe catches up with him the group take Ashe and Danny hostage. Kali asks Judah what they should do about Danny and Judah instructs her to kill them both. Kali approaches Danny with a gun singing “Hush little baby don’t you cry, Kali’s going to give you eternal life” before shooting and killing him. Kali watches as Curve kills Ashe and he then pushes their bodies into the water before the group leaves.

The Crow: City of Angels

Late at night, Kali is sitting silently in a meeting held by Judah Earl. She listens as Basset tells Judah that his last batch of morphine was a bad batch. When Judah decides to test the drug, Kali and Curve hold Basset down as Judah forces Basset to ingest it.

Sometime later that night, Kali and Curve storm a peep house with a group of men, only to find Nemo dead.

Sometime later, Kali and Curve go to the Tattoo Parlor that Sarah works at, and they tie up her boss Noah. Kali tells him that they are just looking for Sarah, and Noah refuses to tell them. Kali then proceeds to stab out one of Noah’s eyes.

That same night, Kali and two men storm Sarah’s apartment. When Ashe gets there, Sarah is gone and Kali is the only one waiting for Ashe. Ashe recognizes Kali as the one who killed his son. Kali asks Ashe if he knows how to fight, with Ashe replying with the question “Do you know how to die?” Kali instigates the fight by throwing throwing stars at Ashe. One of the stars penetrates Ashe’s hand and he takes it out and throws it back at Kali. Kali takes a metal rod and uses it as a bo staff which Ashe breaks in half. Kali then pulls out a knife. When Ashe suddenly starts to thrash around, Kali panics and tries to run. Ashe grabs her foot but she slips out of his grasp and she tries to kick him. Ashe grabs her leg and throws her into a wall, injuring her back. Kali tries to crawl away. Ashe picks Kali up and swings her around while singing “Hush little baby don’t say a word, daddy’s going to buy you a big black bird” before tossing her out of the window to her death.


  • Kali was Thuy Trang’s final film role