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James Horton
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Hazel
Status Arrested
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Fate Unknown but presumably arrested
Actor Michael Weatherly

Master James Horton.jpg

"I raised you. Don't think I can't bury you as well"
―Horton threatening the Crow

James Horton was originally the personal trainer to Frederick Balsam, the ailing leader of the mysterious Lazarus Group.

After leaving him his asserts prior to his demise, Balsam was successful in transferring into Horton's body, resulting in Horton's good, quiet personality being completely destroyed by Balsam's evil, controlling personality instead which also meant that Horton/Balsam was now the biggest threat and that he was also young, virile while also retaining his evil self as well as memories of his previous life.

He destroyed the body jump technology and began killing anyone who still had knowledge of the illegal technology. He also used a ritual to split Eric Draven and the Crow apart from one another, the impact of which had Draven becoming a normal human being while the Crow, without Draven's empathy and sense of justice became a revenge-seeking being.

However, Horton/Balsam's plans were scuppered when he was arrested by Detective Albrecht. It is not known what Horton/Baslam's fate is but it is presumed that he was jailed for his crimes.


Prior to receiving Balsam's soul, Horton was a good-natured, friendly man always eager to help the old Balsam with any exercise necessary.

However, after having Balsam's soul along with his consciousness and memories transferred into his body, Horton became pure evil and is even brutal and unforgiving than Balsam was.

Horton does not hestiate to manipulate or use the Crow to carry out his own tasks, many of which include killing former associates of Balsam's. In addition, he is also ruthless which is demonstrated when he threatens to kill the Crow only mere hours after bringing him back from the dead, having managed to separate him from Eric Draven, resulting in two different personalities and people being created.


  • Michael Weatherly who plays Horton would later go on to play NCIS Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo in the series, "NCIS".