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Hannah Foster
Stairway to Heaven Hannah Foster 01.jpg
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Status Deceased
Relatives Ben Foster (husband)
Rebecca Foster (daughter)
Quote "You have 206 bones in your body. I don't eat and i don't sleep, so we could be here for a long time".
Fate Malnutrition
Actor Bobbie Phillips

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Hannah Foster is another incarnation of the crow who first appears in the fifteenth episode of The Crow: Stairway to Heaven "Birds of a Feather". She is resurrected following the death of her daughter, Rebecca Foster.


Hannah at some point got married to a man named Ben Foster and they had a daughter, Rebecca Gina. Hannah was a doctor who worked at Port Columbia Memorial Hospital and she was trying to further her medical education. While she was with her daughter in the park, Hannah was reading one of her medical books while her daughter played on the swing. Rebecca called for her mother to push her on the swing and Hannah told her she will but she has to finish reading. Rebecca walked up to Hannah and knocked her book out of her hand and Hannah reprimanded her causing Rebecca to return to the swing. Hannah continued reading but when she looked back up Rebecca was gone. Hannah frantically searched for Rebecca and she too was kidnapped. Both Hannah and Rebecca were held prisoner in an attic and left to die presumably of thirst. Hannah died after one week, three days after her daughter died.

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The Crow: Stairway to Heaven

Birds of a Feather

Hannah stagers through the streets of Detroit having been resurrected by the crow after her death. She comes upon a store and has flashbacks about her daughter when she sees a doll wearing a similar outfit that her daughter used to wear. She gets angry and breaks the glass case and steals a shirt that was in the glass case. Hannah then staggers through a park and takes someone’s black coat for herself before walking off.

Later that night, Hannah is walking through an alley way when she’s approached by two men who offer to protect her. Hannah takes it upon herself to fight off the both of them while she’s being watched by the crow. Eric approaches her and tells her to stop, and Hannah kicks Eric, knocking him backwards. When Eric demands that Hannah stop, she faces him, having the same pattern on her face that Eric had, asking who was going to make her.

When Eric stares at her, Hannah tells him to take a picture as it will last longer. She goes on to tell Eric that the two men got what they asked for and the men run off. Hannah tells Eric that she doesn't know why she's in the land of the living and Eric offers to help and Hannah questions why she should trust him. Eric shows Hannah her reflection and tells her that he is in her shoes. Eric urges Hannah to follow him and he brings her to his grave. Hannah says that it's crazy that she doesn’t even know who she is or why she's in the world of the living. Eric tells her that the memories will come back to her as it once did for him. Hannah questions if Eric is really dead as she’s standing at his grave and Eric says he can prove it to her if she wants.

Hannah then goes on to ask about Eric's girlfriend Shelly, asking why she wasn't brought back as well. Hannah and Eric sit at Eric's grave and Eric explains to Hannah about the legend of the crow, saying that a spirit is brought back when it is caring a terrible sadness. Hannah asks what her terrible sadness is and Eric says that they have to find out who she is first. Eric puts his hand on her head and Eric gets flashbacks to the time Hannah was frantically looking around for her daughter at a park. This leaves Hannah confused asking what Eric saw, and Eric tells her that she looked scared. Hannah tells Eric that earlier she saw images of a little girl. Hannah sits at the grave while Eric walks off to talk to Albrecht who was standing nearby.

When he's done talking to Albrecht, Hannah goes with Eric to his apartment, and Eric explains that the crow is his spirit guide. Eric explains his apartment is where he and Shelly died. He goes on to tell Hannah that the broken window sometimes acts as a portal to the land of the dead. Eric hands Hannah a bag of her old belongings and tells her to touch them as they may give her more clues to who she is. Hannah touches a stethoscope and starts getting flashbacks to her job with a man and a girl. Hannah comes to the conclusion that she was a doctor and she had a husband and daughter. Eric tells her that the belongings belonged to "Hannah Foster" and Hannah remembers her daughter's name, "Rebecca Foster". Hannah touches a book, and sees another vision of herself at a park with her daughter, and suddenly her daughter goes missing when Hannah looks away for just a second. Hannah freaks out and drops the book and questions how she's able to see these memories and Eric tells her to just accept that it works. Hannah touches a gun and gets flashbacks to her husband reading a newspaper headline that said "doctor and daughter presumed dead" and shooting himself. Hannah tells Eric that her husband killed himself. Hannah asks if Rebecca was also dead and if she was a crow and Eric says he hopes not. Hannah asks Eric if the only way to see Rebecca again was to go back to the land of the dead and Eric says that is the only way. Hannah jumps out of the window and attempts to return to the land of the dead only to land on the ground unharmed. Hannah steals Eric's motorcycle and Eric tells her that the two of them can heal but they can't die. Hannah tells Eric the people responsible for her and Rebecca's deaths can die and she knows who they are before riding off.

Hannah rides to her former place of work, Port Columbia Memorial Hospital, and walks through the building. She approaches a young doctor, Harvey, and strangles him while he's distracted. She pushes him into a room and he asks her what her problem his. Hannah says that he's her problem and he tells her that she should be dead. Hannah  beats Harvey, and demands to know why her and Rebecca were kidnapped and left for dead in an attic. Hannah continues strangling Harvey as he starts having a heart attack and she starts beating his chest until he dies.

Hannah then returns to Eric's apartment and she’s there when he gets there. Hannah tells him she killed one of her killers. Eric tells Hannah that he killed one of his own killers, Top Dollar. Eric says that this is not good however as he is still stuck in the land of the living. Eric tells Hannah that her mission is not about revenge it’s about redemption. Hannah tells Eric that he can’t stop her from killing her next target and he informs her that her next target already turned himself into the police. Eric tells her that he understands how she feels, and he tells her that they can't kill because if they do their enemies might be resurrected by the crow as well. Eric tells Hannah that she just needs to wait it out. When they finish talking, Hannah decides to go for a walk.

Hannah goes to the police station and requests to see someone. She tells the officer that the man recently turned himself, but the officer refuses to let Hannah see the man unless she provides a name. Hannah starts choking the officer, saying that the man turned himself in for the murders of a woman and her daughter and the officer gives Hannah a name; Ken, and Hannah demands to know where he is. The officer gives Hannah the information she asks for, telling her that Ken is in the interrogation room at the back of the building. Hannah takes the officer’s handcuffs and thanks him for his help before knocking him out. Hannah confronts Ken, asking if he remembers her and Ken is stunned to see her again.

Hannah kidnaps Ken and steals a police car and drives him to the same place he took her to and handcuffs him to a pole. Hannah tells Ken that she's going to do to him what he did to her or she's going to watch. Hannah then questions Ken on what he did with the bodies after they died and Ken denies any wrongdoing. Hannah tells Ken that he's brave, saying that she had to be brave too. She says that she believes that Ken won't last as long as she did as it took Hannah a week to die. Hannah goes on to tell Ken that she couldn't even hold her daughter when she died and Hannah starts to cry blood saying that Hell is too good for him. When Hannah suddenly spots a snake in the room she asks if Ken knows anything about it. She's suddenly kicked in the face by a resurrected Harvey and the two engage in a fight. Harvey manages to cut Hannah and injure her, but before he could finish her off, Eric intervenes and fights Harvey himself. When Eric cuts Harvey, Hannah stabs Harvey destroying his soul and healing her own. With Harvey defeated, Hannah questions Eric on what to do with Ken. Hannah then transfers Rebecca’s pain to Ken, causing him to have a mental breakdown, leaving him chained to the pole but calling the police to retrieve him later.

The next morning, Hannah visits her daughter's grave and asks if she should feel better. Eric tells her that although he never does he keeps going back to Shelly's grave in hopes of feeling closer to her but Hannah concludes that Eric ultimately doesn't. Hannah asks Eric what she should do now and Eric tells her that he doesn't really know but they have to stay in the world of the living until they're able to move on. Hannah suggests that they stay in Eric's apartment until their souls are able to move on. Eric says he can still feel Shelly's soul and Hannah tells Eric that her soul can't rest anyway. Hannah kisses Eric and asks Eric to put flowers at her grave once in a while. She walks off and tells Eric that she'll see him on the other side.

The Road Not Taken

In the early morning hours, Hannah is sitting on a swing at a park and she has flashbacks of the day her daughter went missing. The crow drops a small plastic toy in front of her and when Hannah picks it up she gets visions of a small baby, Celia, being kidnapped. Hannah questions the crow on why she needs to know this information and the crow flies away and Hannah follows it.

She ends up at the house of Baby Celia’s mother saying that she could help her find her baby. She said that she saw Celia in her Head and the mother tries to close the door on Hannah who forces the door open. Hannah then goes on to describe what Celia was wearing when she went missing prompting the mother to accept her help. Hannah goes into the baby's room and starts touching objects that belonged to the baby, and Hannah describes the kidnapping. The mother asks if Hannah is a psychic and Hannah tells her that she lost her own daughter. The mother describes a man, Ken, a man she dated. Hannah tells the mother she’s going to visit Ken and instructs her not to go to the cops saying they may do "something stupid", and she leaves.

Early the next morning, Hannah finds Ken and breaks into his house demanding to know where Celia is. When Ken denies knowing about the baby, Hannah proceeds to break his fingers, saying that he has 250 bones in his body and they may be there for a while as she doesn’t eat or sleep. When Hannah steps on Ken’s throat, Ken tells Hannah that the baby is with a man named Phil Romano.

Hannah goes to see Phil and quickly subdues him, questioning him on where Celia is. When Phil denies knowing about the baby’s whereabouts, Hannah knocks him out. When Phil regains consciousnesses, Hannah threatens to crush him with a forklift if he doesn’t tell her about the baby's whereabouts. Phil assures Hannah that he and Ken have nothing to do with Celia's kidnapping, and Hannah let’s Phil go after his daughter pleads for his life. Hannah goes back to Ken and demands that he lead her to Celia. Ken tells Hannah that he doesn’t know where the people took Celia and Hannah demands that Ken call them and he complies.

Hannah follows Ken when he leads her to the men who have Celia. Hannah engages the men in a fight and she is shot several times and collapses but she leaves before the police arrive.

Later that night, Hannah staggers to the graveyard and collapses. Eric, who was also there carries her, asking what happened and Hannah tells him she flew to high. She loses consciousness and Eric takes her back to his apartment and watches over her until she wakes up. Hannah asks Eric how he found her and Eric told her that she was in trouble and the crow just knew. Eric helps Hannah to her feet and hands her the plastic toy that the crow gave to her. Hannah tells Eric that the toy belonged to a young girl who was kidnapped and she found the kidnappers but couldn’t stop them. Hannah stays hidden when Albrecht comes to Eric’s apartment but she comes out of hiding when Albrecht mentions her name, questioning what he wants with her. Albrecht tells Hannah that she is under suspicion for the murder of Kenneth Woden. Hannah denies killing Ken but says that he got what he deserved. She warns Albrecht to stay out of her way saying that whatever rules Eric abides by they don’t apply to her. Eric hands her a bullet fragment Albrecht gave to him, and Hannah starts having more visions of the baby.

That same night, Hannah and Eric track down Celia’s kidnappers and engage them in a fight. Hannah takes Celia out of the car and leaves as Eric proceeds to fight and defeat the kidnappers. Hannah takes Celia to Rebecca's grave. Eric finds them and tells Hannah that Celia isn't her baby to keep. Hannah tells Eric she just wanted time alone with her and leaves to return Celia to her mother.

The following morning, Hannah goes back to the park and watches children play. Eric approaches her and asks why does she torture herself by coming back to the park. Hannah responds by asking Eric why does he continue living in that loft he used to share with Shelly. Eric tells Hannah that he had good times in the loft as well, and Hannah says it's the same for her with the park. Hannah asks why would everything be taken from a person including their life and have them return the way she has. Eric tells Hannah that he knows how she feels and she tells him that he doesn’t know how she feels as Eric has friends and Hannah has nothing. Eric tells Hannah that before he found her that night, he was in the forest where he and Shelly would sometimes spend their time dancing together. Eric assures her that he’s not making it up.

Hannah stays at the park and she sees a vision of her being greeted by the spirit of her daughter Rebecca.

In reality, Rebecca isn’t there but Hannah smiles at Eric before Eric walks away.


  • Across all the media (comic books, television and movies) Hannah Foster is the first female crow.