Grange is a mobster who is also a bodyguard for Top Dollar and follows him everywhere.

History Edit

Eric soon attacked at Top Dollar’s place, and kills almost everybody there; however, Grange escapes, along with him and Myca.

They find out Eric’s weakness and cook up a plan. When Sarah is leaving the cemetery where Eric had found her while she was asleep, Grange steps out of the shadows and grabs her, covering her mouth in order to silence her screams; he then says, “Shh, shh” and tells her to “take it easy” while calling her “sweetheart” as he takes her into the abandoned church, where Top Dollar and Myca are hiding out. Eric comes to save her, and Albrecht eventually kills Grange in the shootout.

In the graphic novel he is known as Shelby the giant and was force fed his fingers by Eric.

He is played by Tony Todd.