The Crow Wiki

God is an omnipotent, omnibenevolent deity who sole creator of all and high lord of the universes (Earth, afterlife etc).  It is unkown whether there a lesser gods or not, but there are various other, very powerful supernatural forces (The Crow).

Although His/Her benevolence and even existence is often questioned or even mocked by various characters, both are confirmed in The Crow: Wicked Prayer when Luc Crash becomes Lucifer's host body and proclaims that The Crow is in fact a kind of angel who's motive for vengeance is always love.  

Trivia:  In mythology, the crow is a symbol of a guiding spirit or messenger of the gods and supreme gods, including in Christianity.

Powers and Abilities:

Omnipotence:  Unlimited abilities, limitless usage of them.

Omnibenevolence:  All-loving and kind.

Amortality:  Never born, just existed.  Never die.  Not alive, nor dead.  Not to be mistaken with 'immortality'.  Not bound by time or physics (like a soul, or afterlife dimension).  Never tire or weaken.

Omnisexual:  Not defined by any gender or sexuality, but usually refered to as a 'He'.