The Crow Wiki
Gender Female
Hair White (fur)
Eyes Blue
Status Living
Relatives Eric Draven- Owner
Shelly Webster- Owner
Sarah Mohr- Owner
Quote N/A
Fate In Grace’s possession (deleted scene)
Actor N/A

Gabriel is the former pet cat of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster.


Gabriel was the cat of Bea; an old woman who was casually shot by Tin Tin. After her death, Bea's Landlord released Gabriel to the streets, where he was found by Eric Draven. Remembering how Shelly always wanted a cat, Eric adopts Gabriel, and is often seen with him throughout the book.

Before returning to his grave, Eric entrusts Captain Hook with caring for Gabriel and her kittens.

The Crow (1994)

Gabriel was adopted at some point by Eric Draven and Shelly Webster. When T-Bird and his gang broke into Eric and Shelly’s apartment, Skank tried to pick Gabriel up but she scratched him, causing Skank to drop her. Following Eric and Shelly’s deaths, Gabriel had been left alone in the apartment for a year after. After Eric Draven was resurrected by the crow, Gabriel greets him at the door when he returns to the apartment. Eric tries to pick her up but drops her almost immediately. Before Eric leaves to seek his revenge, he pets Gabriel on the head.

Gabriel is seen again when she greets Sarah after Sarah returns to Eric and Shelly’s apartment to see Eric. When she leaves the apartment, Sarah takes Gabriel with her and heads to Maxidogs. Sarah eventually takes Gabriel to her home.

The Crow: City of Angels

Gabriel lives with Sarah in her own apartment years later in Los Angeles. Gabriel is seen on Sarah’s bed as she sleeps.

In a deleted scene after Sarah’s death, Grace, a girl whom Sarah befriended earlier in the film, takes ownership of Gabriel.


  • In both films, Gabriel is a Turkish Angora cat