An epic tale of love and revenge from beyond the grave, J.O'Barr's The Crow has been the basis for the two blockbuster films.O'Barr returned to the world of the Crow for the first time since the original graphic novel when he created Dead Time with writer John Wagner and artist Alexander Maleev.


Joshua,the hero of Dead Time,is a Native American,a member of the crow nation who has the adopted the white man's way and become a farmer.In the 1860's he and his family was killed by a marauding band of Confererate renegades. Flash to the present, over a century later, where the murderers have been recincarnated as a motorcycle gang,and the crow brings back Joshua to carry out his mission of Vengeance.


One century ago, A Indian named Joshua is injured by a roving gang of marauders taking advantage of the dissaray following in the wake of the Civil War. Joshua must watch helplessly as his wife and son are murdered. However, Joshua manages to free himself after their deaths, and burn down their house to honor his dead family. Mortally wounded, he staggers untold miles until he finds the burial ground of his own crow nation. A hundred-years later, Joshua finds himself awakened in a horrible world...a modern city. A crow reminds Joshua of what had happened to him in the past, and what must be done. Seeing that his face is painted with the war-markings of his people, Joshua questions the crow, wondering how revenge can be gained upon foes long-since dead. He finds his answer in a murderous gang of thugs, the reincarnated marauders of a century before. Seeing the truth of his quest, Joshua deals out death to his reborn tormentors, and afterwards can finally rest. He is guided back to the burial ground of his people, where the assembled crow warriors note that Joshua face is now painted jet black...the color of revenge.


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