The Crow Wiki
Sergeant Albrecht
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Relatives Annie- Wife
Quote Your vigilante is on the roof. You missed it.
Fate Survives being shot by Myca
Actor Ernie Hudson (1994 film)
Marc Gomes (TV series)

Darryl Albrecht is the officer who covered the case of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster’s murders. He is portrayed by Ernie Hudson in the 1994 film and by Marc Gomes in the 1998 television series

Original Comic

Albrecht is first seen when he arrives on the scene of a break-in at Gideon’s Pawnshop. He holds Eric, who has been resurrected by the crow, at gunpoint who tells him to go away and that he shouldn’t get involved in what’s going on. Albrecht looks over at Gideon who had been shot to death and Albrecht asks Eric what happened to Gideon and Eric replies “Lead poisoning”. Albrecht, noticeably shaken, tries to arrest Eric who grabs Albrecht’s gun and tells him that bullets and knives won’t hurt him. Eric goes on to say that he’s complete and total madness. Addressing Albrecht by name, Eric tells him that he’s going to leave but he won’t hurt him. Albrecht continues to hold Eric at gunpoint who tells Albrecht to shoot if he must, much to Albrecht’s shock. Albrecht puts down his gun, commenting that any other cop would’ve just shot Eric. Eric tells Albrecht that he sees the kindness in his eyes but sadness in his heart, going on to comment that what brings Albrecht sadness is his wife. Albrecht questions Eric on how he could know that but Eric tells Albrecht that it’s obvious to him. Eric goes on to tell Albrecht that he knows Albrecht’s wife misses him and that she needs him just as much as he needs her. Albrecht tells Eric that all he did was make his wife miserable but Eric points out that Albrecht does love her. Albrecht tells Eric that he left because he wanted to give his wife a chance at happiness.

Eric tells Albrecht that it wasn’t his choice to make and Albrecht acknowledges this asking if Eric has any idea what it’s like to see someone he loves in pain and Eric tells Albrecht that he does have some idea. Eric tells Albrecht that life is lousy but it has shimmers of beauty and tells Albrecht not to miss out on that beauty because he might not get another chance. Albrecht asks if Eric is a guardian angel. Eric, not initially answering the question asks if Albrecht will give his relationship with his wife a chance and he says that he will. Albrecht inquires as to what Eric is planning to do with the bag of guns he has and Eric tells him that he’s planning on disposing of them so they can’t hurt anyone else and Albrecht agrees. Eric tells Albrecht that he’s not a guardian angel but more like a beautiful monster. Albrecht asks Eric what he should say happened and Eric tells Albrecht to tell Sergeant Hook that “The Crow” sends his regards. Eric also informs Albrecht that he set up a fire bomb in the back room and that they’ve got a minute left before it goes off. Eric tells Albrecht to have a nice life before leaving. Albrecht looks as Eric leaves, and after Eric leaves, Albrecht looks back at Gideon and throws up at the side of Gideon’s body before leaving the building just before the bomb goes off. Albrecht then goes on a payphone and tells Sergeant Hook that “The Crow” sends his regards. Albrecht then goes on to describe The Crow to Hook and that he let him leave.

Albrecht is seen again on the scene of a fire at the apartment building Eric and Shelly used to live at. Albrecht is holding Gabriel and hands the cat off to Hook. As Albrecht tries to leave, a firefighter asks if he’s calling it a night and Albrecht says he has things to check on. In his hand is a note from Eric who informs him of a young girl name Sherri who he asks Albrecht to look after.

The Crow (1994)

On Devil’s Night, October 30, Sergeant Albrecht and other officers after investigating a crime scene at the apartment of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster. Albrecht spots a wedding invitation on the floor and another officer calls his attention to a wedding dress. Albrecht tells the officer that the wedding was supposed to be the following day October 31. When asked who gets married on Halloween, Albrecht simply replies “Nobody”. Albrecht then gives the other officers permission to move Shelly, and he comments that there have been 143 fires that night.

When taking Shelly out of the apartment, Detective Torres spots her and asks Albrecht if Shelly is the victim, to which Albrecht sarcastically replies that she’s Amelia Earhart. He tells Torres that they found Shelly and he missed it. Torres tells Albrecht that he should’ve cleared it with him first and that he could see why his gold shield was taken away, to which Albrecht replies it was because he wasn’t a big enough asshole and he proceeds to accompany Shelly to the ambulance.

When a young girl arrives on the scene and rushes to Shelly’s side, Albrecht keeps her back. When Shelly asks Albrecht about Eric’s whereabouts, Albrecht tells her not to worry. Shelly tells Albrecht to tell Eric to take care of Sarah. Albrecht assures Shelly that he will and Shelly is rushed into the ambulance. Albrecht takes the young girl aside and asks if she is Sarah and she confirms that she is. Albrecht tells Sarah that her sister is going to be okay. Sarah corrects Albrecht and tells him that Shelly is not her sister but Shelly and Eric take care of her. Albrecht tries to console Sarah as she sheds a tear when she realizes that Eric is dead and Shelly won’t survive her injuries. Although not shown on screen, Albrecht accompanies Shelly to the hospital and stays with her the entire 30 hours that she’s in the intensive care unit before she dies.

One year later, Albrecht is eating a hotdog at Maxidogs when Sarah rides up on her skateboard. Albrecht asks Sarah how she manages to steer her skateboard on a wet street and Sarah tells him “Pure talent”. Albrecht offers to buy Sarah a hotdog and she accepts, but says that she doesn’t want onions much to Albrecht’s surprise. While they’re eating, a building explodes, and Albrecht runs to the scene.

That same night, Albrecht and Torres arrive on the scene of Tin Tin’s murder. Albrecht tells Torres Tin Tin’s name and he informs Torres that Tin Tin’s a member of T-Bird’s gang. Albrecht tells Torres that they can rule out accidental death. Albrecht goes on to say that the murder could be a turf war, but it didn’t look like normal gang activity. Torres tells Albrecht that he’s just a beat cop so he should act like it. Albrecht sarcastically asks if he should thank Torres for that and Torres tells Albrecht to watch himself. Torres draws Albrecht’s attention to the crow drawn in blood on the wall and Albrecht tells Torres that it’s just blood but that he’ll probably write it up as graffiti. Albrecht walks away when Torres tells him to leave. 

Sometime later, Albrecht arrives at Gideon’s Pawn Shop, which is in flames, and he spots a resurrected Eric trying to leave. Albrecht, not recognizing Eric, holds him at gunpoint, announcing that he’s an officer and tells him not to move. Eric tells Albrecht that he thought the police we’re supposed to say “Freeze” and Albrecht tells him that he is the police and he says not to move, and if he moves he’s dead which Eric responds by telling Albrecht that he’s already dead and that he’ll move while moving towards Albrecht with his hands up. Albrecht cocks the gun while threatening to shoot Eric, and Eric tells Albrecht to shoot if he must, addressing Albrecht by name. Albrecht asks Eric if he’s high, and Eric, slightly confused, comments that Albrecht doesn’t seem to remember him. Eric asks Albrecht if he remembers Shelly, and Albrecht tells Eric that Shelly’s dead. Albrecht instructs Eric to sit on the curb and Eric complies. Albrecht tells Eric that they’re going to wait for reinforcements while commenting that things are getting too weird. Eric tells him that things get better, asking if Albrecht knows T-Bird saying that he had a friend that shouldn’t have played with knives. Albrecht comes to the conclusion that Eric was the one that killed Tin Tin earlier that night. As Eric continues talking, Albrecht gets distracted. Albrecht briefly looks away while yelling at a man stealing a TV. When he looks back Eric is gone. 

That same night, back at the police station, Albrecht is looking through files. Annie hands him some more files, asking if they are fighting the good fight. Albrecht says that no one has been convicted in the murders of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster. Albrecht hands Annie a petition that Shelly Webster started as she was trying to fight tenant eviction in her neighborhood. Annie reminded Albrecht that the last time he went digging around in a case that he wasn’t supposed to, Albrecht was demoted to a beat cop, and Albrecht laughs it off.

Albrecht eventually returns home. While looking at pictures of Eric Draven and his band Hangman’s Joke, he gets distracted when he hears creaking. He approaches the window and gets startled when Eric approaches him from behind and yells “Freeze!”, causing Albrecht to drop his drink. Apparently recognizing Eric this time, Albrecht makes comments that he saw Eric die and get buried, which Eric ignores. Eric simply tells Albrecht that he’s still wearing his hat, prompting Albrecht to take it off. Albrecht asks Eric if he’s a ghost and Eric simply replies “Boo” and hands Albrecht a beer. Eric tells Albrecht that he doesn’t know what he is and needs Albrecht to explain what happened. Albrecht describes Eric and Shelly’s murders to Eric as Eric listens in stunned silence. Albrecht goes on to say that Shelly was in the intensive care unit for 30 hours and he walks over to his table and picks up a file. When Albrecht tries to hand Eric the file, Eric grabs Albrecht’s head and absorbs the 30 hours of pain from Albrecht’s memories of Shelly in the hospital causing Eric to stumble backwards. When Albrecht tries reaching out to Eric, Eric tells him to stay away. Eric recognizes that Albrecht stayed with Shelly the whole time she was in the hospital.

Albrecht tells Eric that he hoped that Shelly would survive, and Eric asked Albrecht why he didn’t do anything about it. Albrecht explains that nobody in their apartment building would talk after what happened to Eric and Shelly. As they’re talking, Eric spots a picture of Albrecht and Annie and he asks if she’s his wife. Albrecht tells Eric that he’s getting a divorce. Eric tells Albrecht that the little things always meant so much to Shelly and he says that he used to think they were trivial but he tells Albrecht that nothing is trivial. While Albrecht’s smokes a cigarette, Eric takes the cigarette out of his mouth and smokes it himself telling him that he shouldn’t smoke as cigarettes will kill him. When Eric gets up to leave, Albrecht asks him if he’s going to vanish again and Eric meekly replies that he was going to use the front door. Before Eric leaves, Albrecht gives Eric his condolences. Eric acknowledges Albrecht’s condolences then leaves, leaving Albrecht alone in his apartment.

The following morning at the station Albrecht is called by Torres who informs Albrecht that there have been three murders in his neighborhood in the past 24 hours. Torres shows Albrecht a picture of a man’s dead body, saying that his body was fused to the car seat and he was burnt beyond recognition and they had to identify him by his teeth. Albrecht identifies the man as T-Bird, he says that T-Bird’s specialty was arson and that he “zigged when he should’ve zagged”, dismissing T-Bird’s death as a simple car crash. Torres accuses Albrecht of hiding things from him. Albrecht doesn’t interrupt Torres as he continues to rant saying that there’s some vigilante out on the streets killing criminals and Albrecht is covering up for someone. When Torres finishes, Albrecht tells him he should write down what he just said. Torres tells Albrecht that he’s been suspended for misconduct and Albrecht leaves Torres’ office.

Sometime later that same day, Albrecht goes to Maxidogs and finds Sarah sitting with her cat Gabriel. Albrecht tries to ask Sarah if Gabriel likes onions on his hotdogs but Sarah initially ignores him. Sarah then asks Albrecht if someone could come back to life after they died. Albrecht asks if she’s referring to anyone in particular and Sarah tells him that if she told him then he’ll just think she’s crazy. Albrecht responds by telling her then they’ll both have to be locked up which leaves Sarah to reason that Albrecht saw Eric too. Albrecht comments that maybe the person they saw was Sarah’s fairy godmother and Sarah tells Albrecht that Eric didn’t come back for her, and they can’t be friends anymore since Eric is dead and Sarah is still alive. Albrecht then offers to take Sarah home.

Later that same night, Albrecht arrives on the scene of Skank’s murder as the police had already arrived there. Albrecht spots Eric trying to run from the police and he follows Eric in his car. When Albrecht catches up with Eric he allows Eric to get in his car and he drives away. While driving, Albrecht advises that next time Eric might want to duck when he’s getting shot at. Albrecht stops the car, getting distracted when his car is almost hit by another vehicle. While Albrecht is distracted, Eric takes the opportunity to leave and Albrecht comments that he knew Eric was going to do that.

Later that night, Albrecht storms the church that Eric is in after Grange and Top Dollar kidnapped Sarah. Albrecht engages in a shootout with Grange and Top Dollar, shooting and killing Grange in the process. Top Dollar however manages to escape. Albrecht rushes to Eric’s side and tells Eric that he was planning on paying his respects. Eric informs Albrecht that Sarah has been taken and that there are two people that took her. Eric tells Albrecht not to worry as he can handle it. Albrecht tells Eric that he’s not worried and he offers up a plan; Eric is going to stand in front of Albrecht and be used as a shield and when Top Dollar and Myca run out of bullets Albrecht will arrest them. Eric tells him that sounds like a good plan but reveals his shoulder wound, indicating that he is no longer invincible. Albrecht decides to help Eric and he helps Eric get to his feet.

After locating Top Dollar and Myca, Albrecht charges ahead of Eric and starts shooting at Myca and she shoots him in the chest causing Albrecht to collapse on the floor. Eric tells Albrecht that he was supposed to stay behind him and Albrecht tells him that he messed up, and Eric goes ahead without him. Albrecht sees Eric confront Myca and watches as the crow pecks out Myca’s eyes and Myca falls to her death.

After Eric defeats Top Dollar and saves Sarah, Albrecht watches Sarah help Eric down the steps and Sarah rushes to Albrecht’s side asking if he’s still alive. Eric sits by Albrecht thanking him for his help, explaining that Albrecht’s memories helped him as Eric had transferred the 30 hours of pain in Albrecht’s memories of Shelly to Top Dollar which helped Eric defeat Top Dollar. Eric smokes a cigarette then gives it to Albrecht who spits it out saying that if he survives he’s going to quit smoking. After Eric tells Sarah to stay with Albrecht until help comes, he vanishes, causing Albrecht to tell Sarah that Eric does that a lot. 

Albrecht is taken out of the church on a gurney and is accompanied by Sarah. When Albrecht tells Sarah that the rain stopped, Sarah replies with “It can’t rain all the time”. Torres approaches Albrecht and asks if the whole fiasco was his fault. Albrecht doesn’t initially answer him, telling Sarah to go home. Albrecht then tells Torres that the vigilante he spoke of earlier was on the roof and he missed it. Albrecht is then taken away on a gurney.


  • Unlike in the film where it can be inferred that Albrecht and Eric knew each other when Eric was still alive, in the comic book Albrecht and Eric don't appear to know each other.
  • In the comic book Albrecht is white while in the film he's black , also the Comic books Albrecht us a much younger man. Ernie Hudsons character in the movie seems to be an amalgation of Officer Albrecht and Captain Hook.
  • In the comic Albrecht was just a beat cop. In the very beginning of the film, Albrecht was a Sergeant but he was demoted during the one year gap.
  • In the original draft of the film script, Albrecht dies in the final battle.