The Crow Wiki
Danny Corven
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Status Deceased
Relatives Ashe Corven- Father
Quote If you give up now we won’t be together
Fate Shot dead by Kali
Actor Eric Acosta

Danny was the eight year-old son of Ashe Corven, a mechanic who lived in Los Angeles together. Danny is portrayed by Eric Acosta.

The Crow: City of Angels

Danny’s mother was a drug addict who left after Danny was born, leaving Ashe to take care of his son alone. After witnessing a murder of a man by a drug gang, Ashe and Danny were tied and murder, then their bodies were thrown off a pier. The crow resurrects Ashe from the dead to avenge his and Danny's death with the help of Sarah. Danny only appears in images of Ashe's memories when they were alive, He also appears when Ashe went back in the water to retrieve Danny's lifeless body and bury him, then burn his painting of him and Ashe. He then appears at the Day of the Dead festival after Ashe lost his powers when Judah kills the crow and drinks it's blood, Telling Ashe "If you give up now, we won't be together" before disappearing in the crowd. Danny is last seen being reunited with Ashe after he has killed Judah and his gang and can now rest in peace.