Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Status Deceased
Relatives {{{family}}}
Quote Nothing personal, sport.
Fate Mortally wounded after an explosion caused by Ashe Corven.
Actor Iggy Pop
 Curve is the secondary antagonist in The Crow: City of Angels and the right-hand 

man of Judah Earl. Curve was the first person to spot Ashe and Danny Corven witnessing the beating and murder of an unnamed man and was responsible for the death of Ashe. 

After tracking Curve down to a bar, Ashe chases him down on his motorcycle and traps him at a river. Curve yells that he isn't afraid of Ashe and charges at him on his motorcycle, only for Ashe to shoot it with a shotgun, causing it to explode and leave Curve mortally wounded. Ashe drags him down to the river and places a coin in his mouth before dragging him out to the river to float to his death as parishoners form a crow-shaped border around his body with flower petals.