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Bernard Wright
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Bernard Wright is one of the protagonists of the Crow crossover comic - The X-Files/The Crow: Conspiracy.

The X-Files/The Crow: Conspiracy

Bernard Wright was a state police officer who fell in love and had an affair with his partner while she was pregnant with his unborn son. After trying to chase down a federal vehicle that was attacking a van that was driven by The Lone Gunmen, they crashed horrifically causing the death of his partner and his unborn child. While trying to escape of of the crashed vehicle, Bernard was shot in the head thus killed him in an instant by one of the assailants.

Later in the Curtis Crematorium, Bernard had reawaken from his death by a crow in order to carry out his spirit of vengeance against the people who killed his partner and unborn son. Before traveling to New York, Bernard went inside the police data base and tracked down the federal license plates of the assailants and went onto a train to New York to search and kill his, his lover, and his unborn child's murderers.

When arriving in Alabany, New York, Bernard finally reached up to his killers and their foot soldiers and slaughtered them one by one. Bernard eventually caught up to his two killers in a room were the assailants were about to kill The Lone Gunmen but was able to put a stop to it. He killed one of the assailants before going to his next target, he wanted to kill his target but Melvin Frohike put a stop to it before he could kill again. However, his target had already killed himself in the process after Bernard learned that murdering them wasn't the way of Justice.

In the end, Bernard returned home to his lover's grave where he laid there and passed away with flowers in his hands knowing that he was still there for her even at the end of their lives.


  • Unlike majority of The Crow users, Bernard was never seen wearing make-up that represented The Crow. Leaving him to be the only Crow to never wear make-up.
    • However, he is the second Crow to not wear make-up, as Alex Corvis didn't use make up for his face; but was merely the cause of electrocution after he was convicted of murdering his girlfriend.